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Welcome to the Order Underground Roleplaying Wiki!

This is a space for citizens of Istaria to record their characters RPs and trace their character genealogy. It is open to all characters of the Order server, and a few beyond that have moved to other realms.

The Order Underground Roleplay Wiki supports the Wiki-wordmark.png[[1]] Thank you Kida and the other editors for all your hard work.


Rackie has been added as an administrator of this site to assist with its operation and account creation.

Thank you Rackie!!!

-- Tsargoth


As requested by the wiki users Account creation has been disabled. To have a new account created you must contact an administrator.

-- Tsargoth


There has been a request to change the authorization process on this wiki. Please see the talk page and comment.


The latest round of spammers has been utterly eviscerated by Tekka and Tigris's claws, and I'll be keeping an eye to make sure they don't come back. Everyone thank LungTien when you see him, he thought to email me to poke me out of my RL funk and come check. (Yes, folks... that sysop email really works.)

--Tigris 18:48, 4 June 2011 (UTC)

--- Dear Spammers,

Yes, there are moderators.

You will be banned if you are caught spamming.

Have a nice day.

--Tigris 20:23, 17 February 2011 (UTC)


A few policies and practices we'd like to announce.

  • 1. We want to standardize. The default namespace is a character name. Stories, plot pages, or other things about a character should be filed under a character's namespace.
  • 2. We are about player created content. Anything to do with the characters or player-made things on Order belong here. Anything built by the developer and development team like major cities, NPCs, game functions, or items, goes on the Istaria Wiki.
  • 3. Creativity, new ideas, and coming to the sysop/admin with them is - and hereafter shall always be - actively encouraged! We are putting in spaces for player plots and player communities. Thank C`gan and Daeza when you see him!

Tigris 03:41, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

We have just opened and are putting in the first information and testing the MediaWiki technology for this setting.

Here are a few pointers to get you started!

  • 1. Please register. This makes it a lot easier to find out who owns what, who wrote what, whom to contact if questions come up, and allows you to see a trail of what work you have done. When you make edits, please stay logged in - that way your work shows up under your name and not an IP address.
  • 2. Namespaces - The default namespace for a page is a character's first name. What's a namespace? Look up at the URL bar at the top. This page is called Main_Page. It's namespace is Main_Page. When you make a page for your character, it should be for your character's first name. All first names are unique, and sometimes last names are RP'd to change. If you post a story, post it with this namespace: "Story:Story_Name". If you make a guild page, use a namespace like this: "Guild:Guild_Name". And so on.
  • 3. Tag your pages! We've come up with some pretty common sense ways to categorize your characters: Gender, Race (bipeds), Hatchling/Adult/Ancient (dragons), Lunus/Helian (dragons), biped/dragon, and so forth. Please tag all character pages with "Category:Character", Guild pages with "Category:Guild", Story pages with "Category:Story", and so on. This is used for quickly sorting through types of pages.
  • 4. Don't be afraid to look at what others have done, and use it on your own pages. Standardization is good. Look at other's pages, try what works for you. But please... if it's not your character, ask before you edit it. Editing a page for someone else's character without their permission (and not being an Admin/Sysop) is bad form as the least and vandalism at the most extreme. If you have comments, questions, or issues with the contents of a page, click the "Discussion" tab on the top of the page and post your comments there. Make sure to use the 'Your Signature' button from the edit window button bar to sign your comment.
  • 5. Be creative! We want to encourage people to post stories and artwork! Though if it's private material, you might want to put it under a special page and not where everyone can see it. (We will post more about how to do this at another time.) Include as much detail as you can! You never know when someone else might be interested in reading more.
  • 6. This WIKI is for player-created content of any kind related to Istaria. It is not LIMITED to Order, but we encourage RP and in-character stuff here. We are NOT looking for dev-created content... use the Istaria-Wiki for that. The reason we ENCOURAGE Order people to put their stuff here is because... look at the site name. We're part of Order Underground.
  • 7. If you need help, contact your administrator or sysop! We are here to help!

Tigris 00:59, 24 May 2009 (UTC)